Continuing Education Can Help Increase Employee Productivity and Retention and Create Organizational Happiness in the Long Run

Posted by Communications Staff on Jun 15, 2020 3:04:11 PM

Many experts agree that meaningful and valuable training not only increases morale but has a significant impact on the productivity of their advisors. In fact, the research group Gallup, found that one of the most important factors in creating a “high-performance workplace” is creating a culture that values the growth of individuals.

This absolutely makes sense. High-achieving employees seek development. High-achieving employees are also the individuals who can and will grow your firm and business.

Gallup also found that, “organizations that have made a strategic investment in employee development”, are twice as likely to retain their employees and report greater profitability.[1]

Additionally, "career growth opportunities" is the number 1 reason stated when leaving or changing jobs.

Be the firm everyone wants to work at by offering employee training and development opportunities.

The Investments & Wealth Institute can provide organizations the continuing education advantage that will help not only attract new talent but keep existing talent. Through partnering with the Institute, organizations can provide employees opportunities to expand their knowledge, capabilities, and skills to add value to your firms and client portfolios.

The Institute offers executive educational programs that are designed to:

  • Provide advisors new skills and layers of expertise
  • Build confidence
  • Reduce turnover
  • Differentiate your organization

Proven Value


Research recently published research by Cerulli Associates finds that the Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®) and Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA® ) credentials administered by the Institute provide high value for advisors and unlock additional growth for their teams. The study finds that professionals with the CIMA & CPWA certifications are well aligned against key industry trends because of the continuing education, training and skills provided through the Institutes educational programs.

Read the full research report here

Institute Opportunities

The Institute’s ongoing training and resources provide members with continuous opportunities to develop the skills needed to engage and support clients in this process, and Institute members have demonstrated a willingness to use a broader set of investment tools than their peers.

The Institute offers a variety of professional development opportunities:

  • Assessment-based certificate programs
  • Conference and webinar attendance discounts
  • Advanced Certifications in Investment Management, Private Wealth and Retirement Management

Learn what opportunities you can provide to your advisors. Explore private classes and designations by visiting or reach out to our Sales team at or 303-770-3377.

[1] Gallup Report: Employee Engagement: Maximizing Employee Potential Build a high-development workplace culture driven by engagement. Available here.

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