Focus on Ultra-High-Net-Worth Clients: An inside look at the January-February Investments & Wealth Monitor

Posted by Admin on Feb 17, 2016 5:00:00 PM

By David Koulish, CPWA®, CFP®
Chair, Editorial Advisory Board

For 2016, is focusing on market segments rather than topical proficiencies. Our goal is to challenge our readers with timely, thought-provoking articles, and we hope you enjoy this change—please let us know what you think.

We begin 2016 with the spotlight on the ultra-high-net-worth client, and we are excited to have Cam Marston lead the issue with his article, “The Ultra-High-Net-Worth Investor by the Generations.” Don’t let our attention to the top 1 percent scare you—much of the investment philosophy and wealth management technique we all use every day originated with the ultra-high-net-worth or institutional client. Marston reminds us that communication and trust are critical when serving this market segment—reminders that we can apply with all clients.

Two wealth-management industry legends, Jean Brunel and Charlotte Beyer, provide further insight to this segment. Robert Casey and Thomas Livergood help us understand the complexity that wealthy families face in their article, “The Biggest Trends in Family Wealth.” We continue with “Direct Investment: The Latest Family Office Trend,” by Anna Maria Nekoranec, who discusses the rise in direct investing as a response to clients’ desire for transparency, lower fees, and more control. James H. McLaughlin aptly describes the workings of a family office in “Ultra-High-Net-Worth and Multi-Family Offices: Proscriptions and Prescriptions,” where he concludes that success in the multi-family market depends on just four factors. Expanding the discussion is Robert Seaberg, with his article, A Mixed Blessing: Serving the Ultra-High-Net-Worth Market.”

J. Michael Dryton takes us off-topic in “The Diligent Chief Compliance Officer,” a must-read. Don’t let the title put you off. Dryton deftly describes the world of risk and compliance, concepts that should be integrated into your daily routine.

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury provides valuable advice for all in “What Female Breadwinners Want,” and Miles Padgett updates us on a growing trend among ultra-high-net-worth families in “Private Trust Companies.”

Articles titled “Optimizing Charitable Giving,” “Social Impact Insights,” a new I&WM series by Gayle Jennings-O’Byrne, and “Factor Investing: A Discussion with Frank Fabozzi” round out the first issue of the year. We conclude with a point/counterpoint dialogue about the ethical standing of our industry courtesy of Rex Macey, former chair of the I&WM editorial advisory board, and Mark Harbour, the ethics editor.

Thanks to all who helped with this , and best wishes to all for 2016.

David Koulish, CPWA®, CFP®
Chair, Editorial Advisory Board

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