Advisor of the Future: A Look Inside the May/June 2018 Issue of the Investments & Wealth Monitor

Posted by Admin on Jul 2, 2018 6:00:00 PM
Transformational changes are sweeping the investments and wealth industry, making it more important than even for advisors to understand key challenges that lie ahead. In the latest issue of Investments & Wealth Monitor, industry thought leaders discuss the ways in which advisors must adapt to emerging investment products, disruptive technologies, and changing demographics, in order to keep pace with the future.

The issue begins with, “ Advisor Alpha,” an interview conducted by Todd Thompson with Scott Welch, CIMA®,  and Anthony B. Davidow, CIMA®, covering a range of issues from the positioning of an advisor’s value proposition to how to build a portfolio. Then, Paul Schaeffer and Steven Unzicker offer “ Future Advice: What Will Advisory Services Look Like in Five Years?”, an article that discusses transparency, cost sensitivity, and asset allocation in the future.

Next, Michael Kitces examines disruptive technology in, “ The Rise of the Cyborg Advisor,” and David Cohen and Matthew Patterson get specific about how, “ Demographics Demand a New Approach.”

In Monique Miller and Ray Joseph’s article, “ Managing Downside Risk with Factor-Based Investment Strategies,” the focus is on the  flexibility and transparency of factor-based strategies, and then Nelson Griggs shares an innovative approach to investing in private equity in “ Auction Funds: A New Option for Liquid Private Investments.”

Patrick Newcomb introduces us to, “ Fulcrum Fees: Leveling the Playing Field between Active and Passive Management,” and to follow up, Neeraj Kumar, Veronique Menou, Stuart Doole, and Laura Nishikawa expand on the growing trend of impact investing with “ Broader Horizons: An Approach to ESG Strategic Tilting

In William Soko’s article, “ Income with Impact: The Case for Green Bonds,” he explores how investors can add a green focus to fixed income portfolios, and, as a bonus, Rick Capozzi makes an important case in “ The Best Leaders Get the Culture Right: Proven Levers to Change a Corporate Culture,” arguing that outstanding organizational cultures produce happy, creative, and inspiring work that is top notch.

It’s an issue worth reading if you want to meet coming challenges with confidence and insightful decision-making.


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