Disruptive Trends: An Inside Look at the latest Investments & Wealth Monitor

Posted by Admin on Mar 14, 2018 6:00:00 PM
It is now more pertinent than ever for advisors to evolve their practices and their value propositions. In the current issue of Investments & Wealth Monitor, the Investments & Wealth Institute tackles challenges facing the industry by identifying disruptive trends and offering strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

The issue begins with “ The Purposeful Advisory Firm,” from John Anderson, Raef Lee, and Bob Veres, which argues how and why advisors need to evolve by design, not by default. Expanding on this idea in “ The Biggest Asset Managers Are Playing to Win. What Are the Rest Doing?,” Steven Miyao contends that, in five to 10 years, the industry will be unrecognizable, so executives and advisors must force themselves to consider how best to adjust to the new era.

Andrew Scott introduces a challenge for all of us in “ Planning for a 100-Year Life.” John Evans shares his insights on “ Attributes of a Top-Performing Advisory Team."

Alison Douglass tackles “ A Legal Perspective: The Misperception of Fiduciary Risk and Active Management in Defined Contribution Plans,” and Stephen Saxon and Jason Lee re-examine the active-passive debate in “ Actively Managed Funds Remain Appropriate Investment Options for 401(k) plans.”

In “ The Millennial Need for Financial Education,” Alexandra Douwes and Logan McIntosh discuss the need for financial literary among the next generation. Then, the editorial advisory board revisits the role of digital advice with Phil Kessler’s update in “ One Year Later.” Jack Sharry offers his perspective in “ Connecting the Dots: Digitally Enhanced, Multi-Account Portfolio Advice Will Rule the Post-Robo World.”

In “ Is It Time to Tilt? Exploring a Fundamental Question in Factor Investing,” Andrew Ang, Ked Hogan, and Justin Peterson provide timely research demystifying features of factor investing, and in their article, “ The Overlooked Persistence of Active Outperformance,” Joseph Amato, Peter D’Onofrio, and Alessandra Rago share their research defending active management.

The issue rounds out with “ Alternative Investments: A Goals-Based Framework” by Anthony Davidow addressing how advisors can best use alternative investments. And Norm Nabhan closing the issue with, “ Are Your Investments Aligned with your Organization’s Mission and Values?

The ethical aspects of disruptive trends isn’t forgotten. Mark Harbour provides excellent information in the Spotlight on Ethics section with suggested readings about industry outlooks and their ethical implications.

It’s an issue worth reading if you’re interested in staying ahead of disruption in our industry. Make it your weekend reading while it’s still available on the Institute’s website.

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